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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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let me tell you jacob weiszbering who was all over the stormy daniels story from the spart and jeru the damaja joins me. that does it for me. hope you enjoyed the show. "hardball" with crus hris matth is up next. >> a beto world. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm crus rr matthews unwaugsz. what could boo a huge shake up for the 2020 race, beto o'rourke has made his move. the senator has now jouned the democratic fight to take down in fact president trump. he ended months of speculation, officially launching his presidential bid oncampaign video. >> amy and i are happy to share with you that i'm running to
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serve you as the next president of the united states of america. this is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us. this moment of peril creates perhaps the greatest moment of promise for this count raand everyone in sight of it. >> it jolts an already crowded field. he spent his first day on the campaign trail in iowa, starting a three-day swing through a early caucus states. >> the very 23irs vents of of our campaign for president is an example of not own lahow i wugs to campaign across this country, for every single american, we're all americans and all human beings and woo do everything for one another and for every generation that follows. this is democracy. any single democrat running today and i maw not be able to enumerate every single one of them right now, would be far better than the current occupant
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of the white house. ultimately we all have to get on board the same person because it is fundamental to our chances of success that we deneat donald trump in 2020. >> o'rourke has big campaign kick off scheduled for later this month in his home town of el paso, texas. president trump weighed unon his latest potential rival, mocking him in a photo opwith the irish prime minister. >>ual, i think he's got a lot of hand movement. i said is he krauz a orjust the way he acts? i've never seen hand movement. i saw him doing what i assume is a news conference. study it. i'm sure you'll agree. i saw whoever it is, i'll take them on. him or her -- whoever it is i'll
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take him or her. >> jouned by u.s. congressman of california who is o'rourke's house mate. get information right there. national political correspondent. host of the hill tv. and politics editor for the "daily beast." i'm a little light hearted because it has a new levity for it. trump has got the weirdest gestures i've ever seen. he's got the hand up like this. this like this and here he is mocking fun. what do you make of these gestures? >> he's what you get in person. >> he's that lively? >> he's an extraordinary guy. >> i've watched him on the campaign show. i think it's part of his appeal. that outdoorsiness seems to work with people. >> i think so to.
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>> it's his words. i was listening to it on the radio. ious, it was the words that he used as well. he had a way of spoolking inspirationally but really seriously laying out the stakes of inaction and what could happen if the current administration goes in the current trajectory with global warming. he was very serious in a way that i think connected with people. when he was talking about everything from medicinal marijuana to global warming. but we've already people are starting to question his experience in congress and whether a similar candidate, who may a minority or a woman candidate -- >> a lot of tin cans in the back of his car, like biden has 40 or some years to defend, anita hill. the crime bill, incarceration.
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or a guy fresh off the bench? >> here's where trump is masterful. who's the guy that says thatgue is nice but he has the mole on his chin. now all you ever see is the mole on his chest. we spent three or four minutes. >> trump is noted for booing mr. nickname as you just said. and let's soowhat his best punch is. >> this is his opening bid. here's what the difference is. donald trump has never had to fight somebody whose rar dujtle and social media native the way beto o'rourke is. now we're going to see two poom who both know how to fight unthat ring and see whether they can take each other on. >> what is your luck thought about this? i think -- here's my -- you
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first because you're smart. what does he got and what does lack? >> he has a vibrancy a youthfulness to him. he has a message which is largely cheerful and what he lacks is a record, which is substantial blitical rings. he did beat an incumbent in his own part but he obviously lost the senate race. a general sense of frustration that he's being given a pass that wouldn't be afforded to female candidates or minority candidates because he has this generational appeal. one is can they win? which is paramount, obviously. and two is can thaw boo a good president? and it's increasingly clear over the past couple of elections that voters value the first one more than second one. and for beto o, thaw look at him
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and think i would like to see the contrast with donald trump. and thaw dont say i can handle the job of president. it's can his rivals mock it more about the second question rather than the first? >> how do we do if he geets do it against trump? and how has he served four oreigo or eight years as president? nevada and california because that may decide. the enthusiasm o'rourke created in texas propelled him to the national states of course. and we got a peek at it. o'rourke told the magazine quote this dash i want you to answer this. this is about o'rourke talking to joe hagan. i honestly don't know how much of it -- he's talking about the enthusiasm, is me.
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there's something super-normling or i dont knowhat you call t when you're out on the campaign trail. the thing that you're right is unfair. there's something out there that is magical. >> i think one is his charisma. and two, he has a unifying positive message that is a clear alternative to what we've seen for the last two and a half years. and i thunk the country is tired of the division, tired of the dem gauging that this president has been doing. and they want somebody who's going to focus on what we can do together, talk us into the future to sthauvl issues that every american wants us to solve. >> you can teach message, policy. you can't teach charisma. and that's something democrats are reacting to. woo got to see what his pall as are. but what he has to start with is
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charisma that you can't manufacture. >> what does he do with the resident -- vanity faur. it seems we could have a lot of brackets. we could say the older liberals would be burn a verses luz bgt. the new left which is kamala verses cory. and the older white guys, which would be -- there's nobody really in the game. because he lost michael bloomberg and share a brown. there's another bracket, the fighters who come off with a little anger. said the other day. kamala and cora. a little angry at the guy. let's work this stuff out. thoiz are the two tolty different brackets. he's bad news for biden. let's try to work together. hooz tlr new kid, biden's the
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old kid. >> i don't think we'll know the answer until we see them both on the stage together. and the difference with beto though is he can still claim some level of progressive credngsales while still talking to independent voters and not alienating independent voters whereas he mngzed with biden hootz he's got to reconcile 20 years of history where social change has come to the progressive base of the democratic party. but beto could flame. he could flame out. >> you fight it off. beto. >> i think democrats are in a good place. this is a good problem to have. we have so men a talented individuals. and certainly beto is the latest one and one i think would make a
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great candidate and likely be president. i have a good relationship as well with kamala haireurs. >> i was roommates with my brothers and you grow up and get to know somebody. what did you get to know about him that doesn't show up on television? bait o? >> he's down to earth. same person you see on tv. the same person you might see at dinner event. >> who cooked and who cleaned up? >> we all cooked and woo all cleaned. he was the best cook. >> but you all cooked? mexican? you were born unmexico. >> we did cook but the little we did cook -- what's that?
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>> there's the new question. by the way o'rourke lost his bid. the great irony, a catch 22. anyway, he won his bid for the senate bu just 2.6. he lost by 2.6%. and he was asked why after losing the race to ted cruz heetz rar good choice to beat president trump. >> it's not oo about me, trump or the other candidates. and soi put myself before the people that made this decision. i allowed them to come to those conclusions. you're asking me to define myself uncontrast to other people and it's not how i work. i come from a red state where it wasn't worth the competition and the frt and woo were able to put texas in play and frankly for the next nominee, 38 electoral votes in play. >> that's very kennedy esc.
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o'rourke sited his six years in the el paso scity counsel. >> it made me a far bter representative than i would have bun otherwise. there was a healthy fear knowing i would face those who put me in this position of public trust, that i would be reminded. so i maw not have served forever in the house but i've served unother ways. >> and former arkansas governor and republican presidential candidate said republicans should take o'rourke seriously, referencing barack obama's victory in 2008. >> here's a warning to republicans. don't take this guy lightly. i believe people will do that at their own peril. so for republicans who say dont were a about this, i'd say democrats have a it history of
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picking a guy who doesn't have a shot. >> so this is fascinating to me. obviously there are parallels and shortcomings in the comparison of obama to o'rourke. they have the youthful optimism and reaching across the aisle through rationality can actually get andfect change. there is a huge threat of democratic suky whi democratic psyche. they couldn't change politics and thaw couldn't get to a new era of rationality because partisan and grid lock were so inherent in our institutions. i wonder how democratic voters became to cynical to approach and to apply an obama mantle to a post trump world. >> barack obama had that
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optimism. this field has been missing an assprational voice. and the thing i want to remind democrats is almost every single democrat came here to get away from oppression and help their family achieve something economically and the 6 million africans that left the south to go to the north, thaw dprid the same reasons, to escape oppression. if we lose that as a party, we're losing something fundamentally american. >> i love what you said. thank you. simmons who was smart back then. sam's holding it back a little bit. reserve judgment. anyway and a quick programming note, i'll be sitting down with cory booker. we'll be with him and it will be mand night.
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we're going to make news i'm sure with cory booker. assall was on netinate. msnbc. coming up senate republicans it setting the stage for president trump's first veto. is the president's solid republican begunning to crack open? and trump's growing legal troubles. remember paula jones? same deal for this guy. and now trump could be forced to testify under oath about his dealings with women. r oath abou dealings with women. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ]
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preside president's national emergency. 12 republicans voted with the democrats. let's watch. >> the use of national emergency powers to circumvent congress's explicit decision on funding is unprs dented. >> this is a dangerous precedent. >> it's a question about the balance of power core to our constitution. >> we must stand up and defend congress's institutional powers as the framers intended that we would. >> well, minutes after the vote, the president tweeted the word with, veto. he followed up writing i look forward to vetoing. notice how these were democrat, which would open borders while increasing crime, drugs and traffic unour country. i thank all the strong republicans who are desperately needed wall.
4:21 pm
i'm joined by white house bureau chief for the "washington post" and editor and chief for the bullwork. the republican -- you know in the spring you see grass growing in the cracks in the cement. you see little sprouts coming through the cement. there they were today. 12 republican sprouts including the three people with brains in th that caucus. the ones that seem to be principaled. too much power for a president. >> this was a very strong rebuke of the president and 12 senators breaking with the president is a beginning of something. but it could have been bigger and should have been bigger. i thunk a lot of senators understood this is a red line vote and they chose to cave in. thaw chose to go along -- >> tom tillis.
4:22 pm
>> tom tillis is afraid of a primary. ben sass up for reelection. ted cruz who can no longer be talken seriously as a constitutional conservative. i think they're going to pay a prices for going against -- a lot of thethese guys are on top denouncing obama. and their spinelessness was on display as well. >> well said. lusn to ted cruz when a democrat's in the white house. >> we the senate are waiting in our duty to stop this lawless administration. sglr >> today he said current law empowers the president to declare a national emergency. he's not the only one seeing
4:23 pm
things differently when president obama took executive action on immigration. >> if president obama acts in defiance of the people and imposes the will on the country, congress will act. thesont should not be in the business to misuse resolutions to express opinions on moregeneral matters. >> this president, if he doesn't glt his way says i got pen a phone. i'm going to go it alone. that's a disaster waiting to occur. >> congress has granted the president the authority to do exact lawhat he's doing. >> what could a republican do regarding laws they don't like? >> i think the president is on solid legal footing. >> that was romney of course and alexander. those are principal people.
4:24 pm
and you throw in pat toom a. how many hacks do you have on the republican side? >> the senators that voted with trump are afraid of trump. ted cruz included. and it came after a week of pretty intensive lobbying on the part of the white house to get enough republicans in line. vice president pence was meeting with senators. president trump was personally calling law maker over the weekend and this week. it was top priority for trump and he felt a vote with the democrats would be a betrayal by his own party. >> do you sense -- i think it was steve allen song, this is the start of something big. could this be something starting big as mutiny or is it a one off? >> i think it's a crack. i think your analogy of the grass in the sidewalk is bter. who's going to issue two vetoes.
4:25 pm
because they rebuked him on the war in yemen. you're starting to see a little independence. these guys are afraid of primaries, particularly people like tom tillis. i think on some of these issues you're starting to see a little but of independence and again i'm glad the twvl senators voted against this emergency declaration. but still when you think about it, there's not a single conservative republican who does not know in their heart that this is wrong, that they've crossed a red line here, that they put politics and loyalty to trump over their constitution and oath of office. >> this is a strangely napoleonic republican leader. it's not a republican leader who, less communism, less government, taxes.
4:26 pm
and they really were the same party. this is a boss telling everybody how he wants it done that day and now you esee 12 people not obaying. are we seeing the fear unraveling? >> they're obeying because president trump still commands such extraordinarily high support within the republican base. republican voters overwhelmingly support trump. we see that in poll after poll after poll. it's not luike he's enacting a party agenda. and these senators are trying to hang on and preserve their own political lives. it wasn't just the senators we would have expected to betray trump today. rodney, collins, murkowski. but you saw marco rubio of florida, roy blunt of missouri. s to the are middle of the road
4:27 pm
republicans who have been voting with the president. >> kbanyway. thank you. up next is a sitting president above the law? that's an easy one. how a court is -- this guy can get sued paula jones like. we'll see after this. we'll see after this -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] -please. -okay. ♪ just hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on
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welcome back to "hardball." and good news. a new york appellate court ruled that president trump is not immune just because who's president. he claimed he can't be sued in a state court while he's in office. however the court rejected that be an argument. the president is still a person and he is not above the law. the suit was filed in 2017 by a former contestant on "the apprentice" who alleged he engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. here's how she described it in a 2016 press conference. >> he put me in an embrace and i tried to push him away. i pushed his chest to put face between us and i said come on, man, gt real. he repooted my words back to me,
4:32 pm
get real as he began thrusting his genitals. i said dude, you're tripping right now. attempting to make it clear i was not interested. >> she filed a defamation suit after the president called her and others liars. >> the stories are total fiction. they're 100% made up, they never happened. they never would happen. these are lies booing pushed by the media and the clinton campaign to try and keep their grip on our count ra. they are all false, they're totally inventive fiction. all 100% totally and completely fabricated. >> in ruling against the president, the court drew a direct comparison to paula joan's lawsuit against president trump. saying the plaintiff's case is
4:33 pm
indistinguishable from clinton verses jones. i'm joined by msnbc contributor. both of you know what you're talking about. i don't. how much is this like president clinton when he had to defend himself in a deposition that got him into all kinds of problems in the '90s? >> it wasn't unanimous. but think about this. there's actual language from the appellate court in new york that says the presidency and the president are indeed separable. and so now donald trump has to face the music in a state court in a defamation action and that means the discovery process which has not had the brakes put on this far is going to continue. there's a possibility of a deposition of donald trump and he will have to answer under oath. >> is this going to be a coswhere trump's on television
4:34 pm
and a tape's running and the prosecutor says i heard you on the access hollywood tape. how men a times have you acted on that thinking you can grab anyone whenever you want? >> when he sits for a sworn deposition, it's a no-holds barred. >> anything she accused him of is fair game? >> yes. the supreme court is an intermediate lvl court. anden the you goto the new york court of appeals. the supremacy clause of the constitution says if there's a federal law and a state law and they conflict with each other, the federal court is supreme. the courtent with on to say there is no federal law that says you can't drag a sitting president and make him account for himself. so the supremacy clause doesn't bar this kind of suit.
4:35 pm
i love this language from the opinion. the court said nothing in the supremacy clause of the u.s. constitution even suggestests that the president cannot be called to account for wrongful conduct. we're chipping away at the president -- >> we are. because we did it under bill clinton. bill clinton got untrouble because ken starr was out to get him and he had opportunities which clinton's behavier gave him. he engaged with paula jones. which is pretty gross but they were able to ask him all about monica lieu ewinsky, got him in perjury situation. >> so you have to tell the truth when you're under oath. i know that's a stretch for somebody like donald trump. but when you talk the same oath
4:36 pm
you and i would with take if we had to sit for a deposition, you commit perjury. and because it's open season in terms of the discovery and the deposition questioning, when donald trump was asking questions to the robert mueller team, thaw were written questions. there wasn't anything that hadn't been reviewed kaurfully. this is different. he's in a deposition setting. you're not going to be able to reign him un. who's going to be able to say what he wants to say. >> suppose he says i'm not going to listen to a lawyer. i'm president of the united states. i'm not going to go to a perjury trap. make me. you come get me. 1600 pennsylvania. you send the cops to get me. try it.
4:37 pm
i thuink that's the smarter mov as outrages as it sounds, rather than lying on tape. >> this opinion addresses the issue of whether or not contempt of court can be aplued to somebody like donald trump. and this will address your question ppt. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. kavanaugh had a minnesota law review article that said if congress wanted to protect the president from this type of litigation, they should pass a law. congress has never passed that law. so to deny the action that plaintiffs have, they would be wrong. >> scalia, i heard him say -- i interviewed him one time 245u6 record. he said i like legislation. pass a law.
4:38 pm
suppose he says to his people around him. i'm not dpoing i'm not going to sit onroom off camera. >> he gets an order directing hum to answer questions in the deposition and if he doesn't, who's subjected to contempt. then we have to fight the battle of whether a state can hold a sitting preside sitting president in contempt. >> isn't trump smarter not to lie? >> i don't think trump is all that smart? >> is trump smart to lie under oath or shut up? >> he's lied under oath unprevious depositions. if history is any indication, he's going to lie. the discovery cut off is happening soon. all depositions have to boo
4:39 pm
concluded by june 28, 2019. we will see whether or not it happens in the next few months. >> thank you. up next, president trump says the left is more vicious than the right. he says i've got tough people on my side. a little scary. what's he talking about? more on trump's latest tough talk after this. n trump's latesh talk after this. hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. introducing zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity, those zeros really add up.
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welcome back to "hardball." throughout the 2016 campaign donald trump would regale his crowds with tough talk. >> you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were at place like this? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. honestly i hate to see that. here's a guy throwing punches, screaming at everything when we're talking. and guards are verygental with him.
4:43 pm
he's smiling, laughing. i'd like the punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> in the good old days they'd rip hum out of that seat so fast. but today everybody's politically correct. our country's going to hell with bei being politically correct. if you see somebody gettingredy to throw a tumate eo, just knock thehole rr -- i promise you i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. >> that's the golden glove champ of 2016. and he wase elected despite breaking all the political norms. he saw trump pull out his phone to protest the results if he didn't win. an impulsive it dash and he was pulled out only when it looks
4:44 pm
like he was going to 1. cohen had a warning. >> given my experience working for mr. trump, i fear if he loses the election in 2020 there will never be a paspeaceful transition of power. >> and the quote vicious left which is reminiscent of his tough campaign talk of twnt scan. h campaign talk of twnt scan you know that look? that life of the party look. walk it off look. one more mile look. reply all look. own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition.
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snots blms bl welcome back to "hardball." president trump was asked about democratic political tactics in the house. he had this strange warning about his own supporters. you know, the left play as tougher game. it's very funny. i actually think that the people on the right are tougher but they don't play it tougher. okay. i can tell you i have the support of the military, the police, the bikers for trump. but they don't play it tough until they go to a certain point and then it would be very bad. this is the president of the united states talking. here's the president just days before the midterm elections. >> republicans produce jobs, democrats produce mobs. they're tough guys, right?
4:49 pm
where are the bikers for trump? where are the police? where are the military? where are the ice? where are the border patrol? no. no. we've taken a lot. >> we are tough as hell. don't forget we've got the police law enforcement loves us. >> isn't this guy's wife against bullying? we're joined by national political reporter for "axios. he uses the language of a dem gaug that i can release my henchman. >> that republicans have mobs and cops and bikes. >> bikers. >> trump speaks for effect. it's impulsive. he doesn't speak to communicate
4:50 pm
ideas or tox change ideas. it's for effect. >> i think he's rooting for the bad guys. >> he wants the people cracking skulls and aren't the left -- he's the guy who led a party that said "lock her up." and a rally where a woman was killed. and he wants to be this tough guy. i don't think he's ever thrown a punch ever. he'd probably have a glass jaw. the question i have and maybe you have perspective here. >> real fights. >> how calculating is this? or is he like speaking tough -- >> is this a metaphor or a street corner guy saying i'm going to take you out next fight? >> when we sat down with trump in november? jim actually said -- you can watch it on the tape. it was a moment where he said you say we're the enemy of the
4:51 pm
people. what happens if some crazy guy out there -- you've got all these fervent fans and trump thinks but my people love it. and he goes yeah. to david's point it is deliberate. and he knows -- trump reads the crowd and feels the crowd up. i've never seen anything like it. >> if he runs for reelection, it's going to be much more raucous. hecklers in 2020, you bet. get him, all this stuff he's yelling. that's not a metaphor. >> what's one of the fundamental rules of show business? give them mor. you're talking about the red meat he gave them in 2016 and attacking the press and democrats. if he starts to feel desperate because of the democratic investigations, anything or when it comes to the reelection, he
4:52 pm
has no place to go up but or down. >> the one thing you do play in that clip is a guy did punch in a trump rally. he sucker punched him in the face. so there were these moments. >> he's playing with a crowd that's pretty much almost as big as it was, his supporters. are they angrier or more disappointed in him? at the end of this year? >> i don't think they're disappointed in him. if they feel threatened, if they see him being threatened, that's what he tries to do. he tries to personalize his plight as something you should care about. they're after me. presidential harassment and that means they're after you. and he makes it very much tribal and -- >> people like the dash and it's
4:53 pm
righteous indignation and nobody else is being fair. anyway, earlier this week former house speaker paul ryan told a crowd of people ahead of 2020 the person who defines that race is going to lead the race. this is the recent speaker of the house. mitt romney's failed 2020 running mate and didn't deliver wall funding and the house, >> and he accused paul ryan of not being tough enough on democrats after accusing to green lite subpoenas. >> he kind of has a point. all these people were great geniuses and trump won. it is kind of rich telling trump how to win.
4:54 pm
we forget seems like destant history. they wanted to impeach him and subpoena him because of the conversation he had about the 25th amendment and wanting to wire tap trump. trump really won't like what they were doing. >> that was about protecting trump from the russia investigation, which goes back to why does he like those guys? because they were on his side and protecting him from these threats. it's all about that. >> hire them as commentators. i'm sorry. they don't talk while they're there. was that too nasty? up next finally a landmark ruling you're going to like. y ak ruling you're going to like.
4:55 pm
rebekkah: opioids has taken everything and everyone i've ever loved away from me. everything. i blew my ankle out and i got prescribed pain pills by my doctor. if making my detox public is gonna help somebody i'm all for it. i just wish i would've had a warning.
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i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. today the supreme court of connecticut ruled that when guns are used to kill children they can sue the gun makers. the sandy hook elementary school children had marketed those weapons as a way tee issue your man card. consider your man card reissued. while lawyers for the parents of the 20 first graders killed said the language was aimed directly at young men.
4:59 pm
today's court ruling allowing parents to go ahead with their suit constitute as landmark. it's a rare case where the court offer as path for victims of gun violence. tell men to buy these assault rifles and that their perchice and enoership will make them a better man. the right to own a gun was separated from the needs to arm a well regulated militia and that expanded the right to weapons to an historic level. they could rule that telling them their purchase will enhance their masculinity, that it will reissue their man card may end up having an unanticipated cost to the manufacturer. a weapon to put certain gun makers into some other business.
5:00 pm
since the columbine massacre in 1999 almost a quarter oof a million students have experienced gun violence at school. if you're a gun maker that's a lot of people who end up suing you and rightfully so. and that's "hardball" for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> doesn't matter. i'll probably have to veto and it's not going to be overturned. >> reporter: the president rebuked by the senate. 12 members of his own party 96ing his emergency member. >> the president can't over rule the decision of congress without becoming the ultimate power. >> and force under to his first ever veto. >> i think it's a great election issue. anything else? >> then as


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